Hiking the Coast path around Bornholm

Text and watercolors by Frits Ahlefeldt, BornholmRundt.dk (updated 2023 )

The Bornholm Coast path is a 4-7 day hike  ( 71 miles / 120 km. ) around the square sized 1.7 billion year old granite rock island, situated in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The coast trail around Bornholm follows the coastline along ancient rescue paths on the North Side. Beaches on the South Side, winding through narrow rock paths on the East side. and following the elevated up to 250 feet high West side edge of Bornholm – Hiking the Bornholm Coast trail could be one of the very best coast path experiences in Europe. At the moment the Bornholm Coast path is being discovered by hikers from all over the world

Hiking on Bornholm - English version, watercolor by Frits Ahlefeldt
English version of guide to Bornhholm Coast path

Bornholm Rundt – hiking around Bornholm

In Danish “Bornholm Rundt” means around Bornholm, and that is what locals hikers call it to hike the coastal path around Bornholm – Local hikers have been following this coastal trail for more than 100 years. But the path has almost only been known to locals – up to now.  It is changing fast now as more and more hikers finds this hidden coast path far out in the Baltic Sea

A patchwork of stories along a trail

This project is about telling the story about the path, the tiny villages, the fishermen, the dinosaurs, the trolls, the vikings and all the others that have all helped to create an amazing patchwork of stories, ancient rock carvings, castle ruins, caves, waterfalls, long white beaches, vertical granite rocks and dramatic nature reserves